Ezekiel 42: 1—43: 27

With the final measurements today, God tells Ezekiel that in the Millennial kingdom the worship that he set up all the way back in Exodus will be carried out.  The difference is that the Israel now have a new heart, so they are empowered to set aside the idol worship of their ancestor and worship God in total holiness.  The fact that this worship is set up in the Millennial kingdom is proof that it was never meant to save anyone or be a way to cover your sin debt with God.  Jesus has already paid their sin debt, and they will be displaying their holiness by establishing this temple worship.

James 5: 1-20

Sections like this are dangerous for Jesse (my husband).  Why you ask?  Because his wife reads them and decides that it is time to sell every possession they have and move to a place where the need is very great so they can use their resources to help people.  I don’t want what I have hoarded testifying against me!  I don’t want to hear the cries of the workers who have harvest my fields!  Please remember this book is really hard for me and caused me crisis of faith the first time I read it.  So, before I start listing stuff on Facebook Market, I have to take a breath and figure through what James is really trying to communicate here. 

Yesterday he addressed that non-peacemakers and the planners.  In today’s section he is addressing the greedy and the impatient. 

With greedy people he is addressing the heart behind their wealth.  The challenge is, “what are you spending your life doing?”  Collecting wealth in a way that breaks peoples backs and not using it to help people?  My worry is that we here in the luxury of the USA are just fattening ourselves up for the slaughter.  The need to hoard, at the basic level, is not trusting God to provide enough.  James is challenging us to really look at our stockpiles and ask ourselves if the need for wealth and stuff has become our god.  And that is what makes me want to sell everything.  Just to prove to myself that it is not my god and God is really my God.  But wisdom tells me to slow my roll because I am a Ready! Fire! Aim! kind of person.  Which brings me to the impatient people. 

The need to get out of suffering is what causes impatience.  But James gives us examples here of how to walk through the suffering.  God is so good because His answer for impatience is not just, “Deal with it.”  He gives us the greatest thing to do when we are impatient: PRAY.  Instead of grumbling to your neighbor, you get to go right to the One who can do something about it!  And to wrap it all up because it is 7:06 am and I have to go make lunches…Prayer is the key to deal with all these sinful postures James has just addressed.  Ok, gotta go!

Psalm 119: 1-16

Proverbs 28: 6-7

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