Ezekiel 44: 1—45: 12

Oh well, I have been racking my brain to come up with something intelligent to say about this section today and all I can come up with is the Millennial Kingdom will be run exactly how God wants it to be.  It will be so glorious that we will be like Ezekiel and fall down on our face because the Glory of God overwhelms us.  It will not disappoint; in fact it will be more than we can even imagine.  So when you look around and wonder in what new ways the world will invent to be horrible today….remember, this is not the end. 

1 Peter 1-12

Ah! A return of my favorite Apostle.  My Ready! Fire! Aim! comrade.  The Rock in a hard place….that’s right it’s PETER!  (Applause)  (Should I become an announcer or what?)  This letter was written to believers in Asia minor that were under Roman control.  It was written in late 64 AD or early 65 AD, right before Nero when crazy and wanted to kill all Christians.  Seriously, something was really wrong with Nero, he was cray cray.  Anyway, it is good that Peter is instructing them in this letter to endure suffering with honor.  He also teaches them where to put their hope when they get bogged down in the persecution.  I think the most encouraging portion of this opening section is that we can be sure that trials are testing our faith and refining us.  This means that if you are struggling, if you are having to deal with stuff that feels like more than you can handle, if you are being shut out of things because of your belief in Jesus, if you are struggling internally to beat down your sin nature and allow your spirit to rise up, well then my friend, you are IN IT!!!  You are winning back holy ground and being refined.  And that is a good thing!!  Your faith is being purified and that means that you are not sitting on the sidelines becoming a complacent Christian.  So keep going!

Psalm 119: 17-32

Proverbs 28: 8-10

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