Ezekiel 47: 1—48: 35

I wanted to jump on today and talk about the end of Ezekiel because tomorrow we start Daniel.  It seems that Ezekiel ends abruptly but really when you look at the structure of the book it ends with just the right information.  The detailed description of the Millennial worship is the hope of better things to come for Israel.  All the things they did not do in their time will be done in the Millennial Kingdom because God promised it would happen.  Even down to the measurements of grain.  Remember how Ezekiel condemned the priests for using false weights?  None of the will happen in the Millennial Kingdom.  Because the King will be there, and everyone will know the Jesus is Lord. 

Also, the river that flows out of the New Jerusalem has really stuck with me today.  Probably because one of the things that I have learned to love about the Lord is that wherever He goes He leaves redemption in His wake.  And this holy water that causes all things to grow and is swarming with life reminded me of that.  Wherever He is, there is life flowing out of Him. 

1 Peter 2: 11—3: 7

Yesterday Peter taught us that we are temporary residents of this Earth because our actual home is in Heaven with Jesus.  Because of this we are called to act like we are foreigners in this land, we should be different.  We want to be different because of what Jesus has done for us.  We want to be different because we have been born again into residents of heaven.  We are empowered to act like Jesus because of the Spirit.  And there is another reason too: eternal rewards.  We will be rewarded based on our time here as foreigners when we get home with the Lord.  Now this is not a heaven or hell decision for us because you cannot get kicked out of your homeland based on your behavior.  This is a “well done good and faithful servant,” decision.  And because of this potential for reward, Peter tells us how to act so we can be rewarded for our time here. 

In today’s reading he tells us the key to acting like residents of heaven.  The idea is that God is in control of everything, and as residents of heaven we believe that.  So, if He is in control of everything that means He is in control of kings, appointed officials, masters, husbands and wives.  And because God has authority over these things, even if the officials are the furthest thing from Christians that we can imagine, we can submit to them with confidence because we know that God is in control.  Submission is the key.  Submission proves that you know God is sovereign.  Submission allows you to patiently endure unfair treatment because you know that God sees what is happening to you and is allowing it for some reason that is for your good and His glory.  Now, hold on before you unsubscribe to the blog, I know these are soul level ideas here that you and the Lord have to work out.  I understand and have documented how the Lord had to teach me about submission.  It was the most painful thing I have ever had to endure.  But I would encourage you to do the work because you are not a resident of this world and I want you to stand before Jesus and have Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

PS. Did Peter just give us women permission to wear yoga pants everywhere?

Psalm 119: 49-64

Proverbs 28: 12-13

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