Can I be honest with you?  We have one month left in our daily bible reading and it is getting really hard for me to stick with it.  It seems so crazy!  On one side I’m like, “One month to go, you can do this!”  And on the other side I’m like, “You have done enough, skip the last month!”  It is my own real-life struggle with knowing that being in His Word is the best thing for me and wanting to go watch Mandalorian on Disney +.  It’s exactly the same as Paul talks about in Romans: Spirit v. flesh.  So, what do we do about this?  We keep showing up and doing it anyway.  We set alarms and use our “parent voice” when talking to ourselves: “Now Sarah, you get out of that bed and go read your bible!”  And this is how we win that war.  Who’s with me?  (Picture a really uplifting scene in a move about winning against all odds.)

Daniel 9: 1—11: 1

There is so much in today’s section.  I am going to stick with seventy sets of seven section just so this is not 2000 words today.  Seven was a big deal for Israel.  There whole measurement of time was broken up into 7’s.  What Daniel is being shown is that God’s plan will be carried out in 70 sets of 7 years.  So, this 70 sets of 7 is actually 490 years.  That is all the math I am doing on a Monday morning.  This clock starts at the time the command is given to rebuild Jerusalem after the Exile.  (Remember our friends Ezra and Nehemiah who were part of that rebuilding) Then, from there God is telling Dan that at the “7 sets of 7 plus 62 sets of 7” mark, Jesus will come.  God tells Dan that Jesus will be killed, and then the end will come with a flood and the miseries of the Tribulation.  However, that timer that started with the decree to rebuild Jerusalem is paused right now.  This is indicated by the statement “killed, appearing to have accomplished nothing.” Jesus told us that in the Gospels because Israel rejected His offer to be their savior by crucifying Him, they would be set aside and He would do something new, that being the church.  When the church has, “come into its fullness,” and is raptured, then the time starts and that last set of 7 will start.  The Tribulation is that last 7 years that have not happened yet.  Here is the really cool thing, if you are so inclined, look up this section in the Bible Knowledge Commentary and all the historical events that should have happened in this 69 sets of 7 have happened, just like God said!  It is so cool!  (Don’t google it because you will get some crack pot interpretations of this section.  Go to a real source that has been through a multiple theologian editing process.) 

1 John 2: 18-36

A letter from John to believers. This little practical letter was written sometime between 60 and 70 AD, and maybe sooner?  It is hard to decipher, and this little letter is not giving up a lot of clues.  Maybe that is because it doesn’t really matter because the truth of this letter still rings true in our hearts today.  John, who was a disciple of Jesus is encouraging a group of believers to be in fellowship with the Lord and each other.  He is also teaching them how to avoid falling victim to false teaching.  At this point in church history the false teaching about how to live a life devoted to Jesus was rampant.  Isn’t that just in line with Satan’s character?  He can’t keep the Messiah down, so he decides to twist Jesus’ words.  It’s the same thing he did in the garden with Eve. 

In today’s section we see that there must have been a line of teaching that taught, “Since, Jesus covered our sin, sin away my friend.”  This is just not true of someone who really understands what it cost Jesus to pay our sin debt.  But also, as you learn to love Him, you learn how much sin is the opposite of what sets us free.  Righteousness is what sets us free.  It is a trick of our flesh that makes us think that sin is actually better than being righteous and doing the right thing.  Don’t fall for that friends! 

Psalm 121: 1-8

Proverbs 28: 27-28

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