Daniel 11: 2-35

Check out this awesome video that I found!  I hope it blows your mind and causes you to be in awe of the fact that God told Daniel exactly how the world would roll before Jesus came.  Every single thing happened, just like God said it would.  This video covers chapters 11 and 12. 

1 John 3: 7-24

As I was reading this section today, I kept thinking, “What if a camera crew followed me around all day?”  If you watched that video would you be able to see that I am in fellowship with God and that He is within me?  My second thought was, “Well, it depends on the day maybe?”  Yesterday I was annoyed that it wasn’t Christmas Break so therefore, everything that happened annoyed me.  That doesn’t reflect that fact that I belong to God.  If I belong to God that means I believe He is sovereign.  And if He is sovereign that means every single thing that annoyed me yesterday passed through His hands.  They were on purpose, meant for my good and His Glory, and yet my response was annoyance.  And as I reflect on that truth, I want to go back to bed and give up.  BUT NO!

John tells us not come to God with guilt.  Why?  Because God is greater than our feelings!  ALL THE PRAISE HANDS.  If my feelings were more powerful than God, I would never look like I belong to the Lord.  But He is so good that if I want to follow Him, He empowers me to do so!  I can go boldly before Him and say, “Lord, I want my actions to reflect the fact that I follow you!”  And He will empower me deny myself and feelings and follow Him!  What absolute Good News!!!!!!!!!

Psalms 122: 1-9

Proverbs 29: 1

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