So, if we remember our Bible Timeline, King Darius was moved by God to let the Israelites go back and build the Temple after the Exile.  Our friend Haggai here, was the first prophet to speak to the former Exiles.  Upon hearing Haggai’s message, comrades such as Zerubbabel and Jeshua, had a spark of enthusiasm for the project.  The cool thing is this is still going on for us today.  Haven’t you every been sitting in church and heard a message that gave you the spark you needed to jump off and do the thing God was asking you to do?  Well there you go friend, you were sparked with enthusiasm from the Lord Himself.  Cool right? 

Revelation 11: 1-19

In preparation of the 7th trumpet, and the beginning of the last 3 ½ years of Tribulation, “The World” will rule the Temple area and defame it.  In the midst of that drama God sends to earth two Witnesses from heaven to let the people know they are in the wrong.  The World kills the Witnesses and then they come back to life and are called back to heaven.  This is how sad the scene is; The World is celebrating that the Witnesses have been killed, but they are clueless to the fact that God was trying to warn them of the coming “Woe.”  But with the final trumpet blow in Heaven, the party is over.  An earthquake, hail and the death of a tenth of the city sobers people up real fast.  And, someone needs to tell Indiana Jones that the Ark of the Covenant is in Heaven safely with God, not with the Nazi’s. 

Psalm 139: 1-24

Proverbs 30: 15-16

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