Two days for the price of one because I know tomorrow will go by like a blink and I won’t have time to write the recap.  Merry Christmas!

Zechariah 6: 1—7: 14 and 8: 1-23

Look here, it is very on brand to have these 4 horses announce the rebuke and call to repentance for Israel.  Do you see how when you become comfortable with the End Times jargon you recognize what God is trying to do? 

The temple worship is being set up again too.  Jeshua gets the crown and sets up the temple worship system, there by typifying the “Branch” (Jesus) that will come and set up the Millennial Kingdom.  The peoples question to God is, “Would you like us to add our festivals that we created while we were in Exile to Your prescribed worship?  God’s response is, “Was it really for Me that you were fasting?”  Does this scare anyone else as we look around at how we are celebrating the birth of our Savior?  I know, I know, I am the grinch this year.  My friends have already told me to snap out of it, but I do worry about who we are really doing all this for?  Is it Jesus or ourselves? 

Chapter 8 is the prophetic messages about future restoration and rejoicing.  It was important for the returnees to know that God will do the work of restoration.  He will not do it by halves either.  They will be so restored that people for 10 different nations will clutch at the sleeve of a Jew and ask to walk with them. 

Revelation 15: 1-8 and 16: 1-21

The last scene before these horrific bowls of judgement are poured out is the Angels bringing the bowls out and the people who were martyred in the Tribulation singing a worship song of Moses to the Lord.  Catch this, as bad as what is in those bowls, the people in the presence of God accept the wrath that will be poured out and love God for it.  Why?  Because they are finally face to face with Glory of the Creator and they perfectly see how evil it is to rebel against Him.  That is hard to wrap our sin-soaked mind around.  But God tells us these things so we will understand that He is perfect love and perfect judgement all at the same time. 

The Bowls are poured out in chapter 16.  One after another; sores, death to the sea, rivers and springs of blood, sun blast that causes burns and fire, darkness, river dried up so the armies can march right across it, total natural order break down.  The evil demons blaspheme, and the Tribulation Saints are told to look to the sky because Christ is coming soon.  What a relief that will be for Christ to come and bring an end to this terror. 

Psalm 143: 1-12 and 144: 1-15

Proverbs 30: 24-31

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