Zechariah 9: 1-17

Up to verse 9 this section is talking about the destruction of the unbelieving nations.  At verse 9 we begin beautiful prophetic description of what Jesus will do when He as the Messiah.  This was predicted at least 400 years before Jesus was born in the manger.  God was so clear in His prophecies about Jesus.  That clarity is what caused the wise men to seek him and the shepherds to rejoice. 

Revelation 17: 1-18

While the chaos of the bowls is brewing below, the angel takes John aside to show him what happens to Babylon.  Chapter 17 and 18 are both about Babylon.  As we have discussed, whenever there is a super long entry in the BKC about a section it’s because there are several ways to interpret it.  I like to adhere to the literally interpretation of the scripture and choose to believe the angel when he tells John, “Hey let me show you what happens to the great prostitute.”  We know the angel is talking about Babylon because all the prophets have called her the “prostitute” as well.  I am sorry if that terminology offends you!  There was no sensitivity training in the Bible.  They just called it like they saw it. 

Ok, but I did read the super long entry because I want to be well informed and I will go ahead and tell you what it boils down to.  Chapter 17 is the destruction of the false religion of Babylon and all nations who followed her into idolatry and immorality.  Chapter 18 is the destruction of the political power of Babylon and her ability to get other nations to follow her.  The point is the angel is showing John what God considers as the fulfillment of His promise to destroy Babylon. 

The part that calls for understanding is describing all the kings that are represented by the scarlet beast the prostitute is riding on.  These people will all get together to stand against Jesus in the final battle but then, when they are defeated, they turn on the prostitute.  It all seems very gruesome.  Tomorrow we will read about what happens to Babylon when her false religion is exposed.  Spoiler: it’s not good. 

Psalm 146: 1-10

Proverbs 30: 33

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