Zechariah 10: 1—11: 17

This first section of the reading today is a description of what the Good Shepherd will do for his flock at the end of the Tribulation.  In the second half of the section, The Lord asks Zechariah to play a game of heavenly charades, if you will.  First, he plays the Good Shepherd that saves the flock that is oppressed and marked for destruction.  He unifies them and shows them favor by making a Covenant with them.  But they do not love Him and only value Him at 30 pieces of silver. (hmm, where have we read that before?  I’m looking at you Judas.)  Zechariah then plays the worthless shepherd.  These are the leaders that lead people away from the Lord and into Idolatry.  And again, this is all so that we will know what will happen when Jesus comes.  The first time, they will reject him and sell him for 30 pieces of silver.  The second time Jesus comes (at the end of Revelation) they will be regathered and redeemed. 

Revelation 18

Today we see what happens to Babylon when here fake religion is exposed.  She has been allowed to flex her religious control and make people pay homage to her in the form of commerce based on their fear of upsetting the “gods.”  But that all ends when the deception is exposed.  There is no true power in her false religion, there is only immorality and lies. 

Psalm 146: 1-10

Proverbs 30: 33

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