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11/5/19 One Year Bible Recap

Ezekiel 12: 1—14: 11 Well God is asking Ezekiel to do some pretty wild things but at least He tells Ezekiel why he is doing them.  He is trying to break through their rebellious thinking and “capture the minds and hearts of all my people who have turned from me to worship their detestable idols.”  Do you remember how smart you were when you … Read More 11/5/19 One Year Bible Recap

Oh Hell No!

My best friend Kelly, made this for me.  It is sitting right by my kitchen sink so I will see it all the time.  I love it so much because the contrast between the pretty cross stitch and the saying is hilarious to me.  I am sorry if you think that Hell is cuss word but if you have been around me for any … Read More Oh Hell No!

Fame! I wann live forever!

Do you remember the song “Fame?”  The lyrics go like this….. I feel it comin’ together People will see me and cry, fame I’m gonna make it to heaven Light up the sky like a flame, fame I’m gonna live forever Baby, remember my name Remember, remember, remember, remember Remember, remember, remember, remember Irene Cara spoke to baby Sarah’s heart in the 80’s.  Fame … Read More Fame! I wann live forever!

Sydney, You are the coolest 14 year old I know.

Dear Sydney, How are you 14 years old today?  It really is shocking at how fast time goes by us.  I can still remember the way it felt when you fell asleep on my shoulder when you were a baby.  I can remember vividly the fist time you ate a chicken taco, and the joy that washed over your face when you realized there … Read More Sydney, You are the coolest 14 year old I know.

Fruit of the flesh or Fruit of the Spirit?

Right now in my life I am preparing to teach the last day of the Galatians bible study we did this summer at my church.  I had no idea at the beginning of this study how much I would end up loving the book of Galatians.  With all things that have to do with God, He put in front of me the exact truth … Read More Fruit of the flesh or Fruit of the Spirit?

Happy Anniversary!! Can we go to the city dump?

Well 16 years of marriage looks like this:  We got up yesterday morning and gave each other a good morning kiss, wished each other a happy anniversary, had some coffee and then loaded up our trailer full of farm trash and headed to the dump. Have you ever been to dump?  Don’t laugh at me but I have never been to a real live … Read More Happy Anniversary!! Can we go to the city dump?

The Chicken Run

Here I am again observing behavior in my animals that reminds me of my own real life issues. These chickens.   Please enjoy this video.  (Also lets give a round of applause to Jesse for helping me with this video.  He was on his way to work and I said, “Please! I need you to open the door so I can video the chickens today!  … Read More The Chicken Run

Sojourn Farm, where dinosaur’s still roam the earth.

WHAT THE HELL??? Did you know this was a real thing?  This is an alligator snapping turtle.  I believe they originate in HELL!!! This type of turtle got one of our sweet ducks this week.  How do I know it was this resident of Hell that got her?  Because I saw the jerk eating her!!!  It was all very traumatic and I am so … Read More Sojourn Farm, where dinosaur’s still roam the earth.

We are officially a FARM!

We have an EGG!!!  With the discovery of this EGG Sojourn Farm is officially a farm.  (Dad, stop calling it a petting zoo!)  Now, there was some confusion as to who this egg belongs to.  This egg came into the world amidst animal habitat confusion and many animal complaints.  Here are the facts.  This egg was found in the duck hut.  So you would … Read More We are officially a FARM!

Happy Birthday to my main squeeze, an open letter.

  Dear Jesse, You turned 41 years old on Monday.  I’m so thrilled to celebrate your birthday.  Don’t worry, I am not at all concerned about the fact that I married such an older man.  41 looks so good on you!  Babe, in the midst of life, and my spiritual gift of being critical of you it may come across that I am not … Read More Happy Birthday to my main squeeze, an open letter.

Well, IT’S TWINS!!

Introducing Cumulonimbus and Altostratus.  Nimba, the white one, and Alta, the dark one, for short.  They are twin two-week old Nigerian dwarf X Pygmy goats.  To say they have over taken our lives around here would be exactly accurate.  We are drunk on baby goats up in here.  They have to be bottle fed, take naps, and are living in our laundry room unless … Read More Well, IT’S TWINS!!

I survived May…..almost.

LAST DAY OF MAY!!!!  I feel like the “Eye of the Tiger” should be playing all day today!  Brock is already at school and Sydney is headed out the door in like 20 minutes FOR THEIR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Last week I could not think of what to write about and still came up with 1000 words–no one who does life with me … Read More I survived May…..almost.