1 Chronicles 28: 1—29: 30

Interesting tid-bit today.  God promised the Israelites that the “Scepter would not leave Judah.”  This means that the Savior and Everlasting King, A.K.A Jesus would come from the line of Judah.  God promised David that He would preserve his line because of David’s faithfulness.  By the time we get to the New Testament all that is left of the formally great nation is the tribe of Judah.  God proved that He was faithful to His word to Judah.  This is actually where the Romans get the name “Jew’s,” and Judaism.  The Romans of the NT testament did not understand all the history and that this nation of Jews was once the nation of Israel, but they lost their Land because they worshipped idols. 

I am being so honest when I say most of my actions are wrapped in the same prayer David says at the end of this section.  “You know I have done all this with good motives…..”  I am stepping out in faith next week and going to this writing conference.  During all the prep and writing leading up to this I have whispered to God, “You know I have done all this with good motives,” because I know myself friends.  I know that this could all be used to refine me and show me that I am seeking my own glory and not His.  Or to show me that I have made an idol out of writing.  But from where I sit right this moment, to the best of my knowing my motives are good.  And that is the best any of us can do.  Praise God that He covers and deals with the rest. 

Romans 5: 6-21

In chapter 5 of Romans, Paul teaches us about this new relationship we have with God.  Guys!  Jesus came to save us while we were still sinners.  God did not say to us, “Clean your ish up and then I will send my son.”  God knew that because of our sin nature passed down to us from Adam, cleaning our ish up is not possible for us.  The best any of us can do on our own is dress up the outside, while the inside remains a tomb.  Adam’s sin brought us death and the Law showed us how much sin ruled over us.  But with Jesus’ death we have been made right with God and with His life we have eternal life.  That is a pretty great new relationship, am I right?

Psalms 15: 1-5

Proverbs 19: 18-19

7/18/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 26: 12—27: 34

You know what I see in this portion of the scripture reading today?  Order.  Structure and everyone knowing their place leads to peace and prosperity.  It is only when people usurp power, do wars start.  God put order in the nation of Israel to reflect His Character.  He put order in the Church to reflect His Character.  He put order in marriages to reflect His Character.  When we adhere to the God ordained order, we have peace and prosperity in all these things.  When we don’t, we have exile, church splits, and divorce. 

Romans 4: 13—5: 5

Finishing up chapter 4, that expanded our understanding of how faith saves, Paul says here that Abraham never questioned God’s promise.  Now, He did question the “how” but never “if” God would do what he said.  We know he questioned the how because there was a little incident with an Egyptian maid that resulted in a wild donkey dude named Ishmael.  But even in that we see Abraham still believed he would be the father of nations like God said.  God just had to teach him to be patient and wait for HIM to bring about the fulfillment. 

On to chapter 5.  It starts with a “therefore.”  In bible school they taught us, “Whenever you see a therefore you have to ask yourself what it is there for.”  Get it?  So, this “therefore” is saying, “Because we are saved by faith and not by the law,” we now have peace and an undeserved privilege.  We can face problems and not waiver in the “if” but journey through the how just like Abraham did.  That is all problems and trials are really.  Just things that come up to help us develop the strength needed to wait on God and not grab an Egyptian maid to help God along. 

Psalm 14: 1-7

Proverbs 19: 17

7/17/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 24: 1—26: 11

“Casting Lots” in the Old Testament is not the same as gambling.  This was the way they determined God’s will in a situation like this were people were assigned jobs or land.  It was not used in situations like, “Should we follow the Lord and adhere to the Law?”  The use of this was in deference to God because they acknowledged His sovereignty over everything, even the way the “Lots” fell.  Prior to Pentecost in the New Testament this is how Israelites would seek God’s Will.  We live in the age after Pentecost and believers are indwelt with the Spirit, so we don’t need Lots anymore because we have the Spirit guiding us. 

Romans 4: 1-12

So, Paul has proved to us that Creation and our conscience have both convicted us before God.  He is perfect and must punish our sin debt we have accrued.  However, He intervened and made Jesus our Glorified Scape Goat.  He took our sin debt on Himself and we are now paid in full once we put our faith in Him.  Chapter 4 in Romans goes on to explain what faith is. 

The Good News of God will never be without false teaching swirling around it.  That is because there is a very real enemy of God that does not want you to be free.  Paul is already having to address this false teaching.  There were people who were telling new believers that you had to believe in Jesus, convert to Judaism(be an Israelite) and be circumcised to be saved.  This is not the Truth so Paul, in this chapter, explains how the father of all the Israelites was saved through faith. 

Circumcision was just a sign of a relationship with God.  It is the same kind of thing that happened with rainbows when Noah got off the Ark.  God put rainbows in the sky to remind humanity that He would never wipe out the earth again with a flood.  When it rains and we might panic that it is going to flood, boom!—there is a rainbow reminding us that it is not going to wipe us all out.  Circumcision was meant to remind the Jews (Israelites) that they were in a special relationship with God.  They were His chosen people meant to reflect His character to the world.  This was separate from their saving faith.  Circumcision was a form of worship.  It also would remind them not to….um….eh….use that part of their body for immoral things.  I’ll leave it there.  Faith came before circumcision. 

Psalm 13: 1-6

Proverbs 19: 15-16

7/16/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 22: 1—23: 32

There is nothing I love more than seeing someone prepare for the future.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than someone who says, “In the future I am going to _____” but then does nothing to move toward that end.  I am going to sound like a cliché motivational poster, but this principle is true: Achieving desired goals is 1% goal setting and 99% planning.  So, to see David have a desire to build the Temple, be denied the actual building rights, only to then prepare and plan for Solomon to build it was so encouraging for me.  Sometimes God just snaps His fingers and makes stuff happen for us.  Sometimes He grows us by giving us a desire and asking us to yield to His will and walk the necessary planned steps to get to that goal.  PS: It’s almost like a timeline—hint hint, wink wink. 

Romans 3: 9-31

Yesterday we learned that knowing the rules and following them does not make us right with God.  In fact, knowing right and wrong actually condemns us before God.  For the Jews, they received the Ten Commandments as a divine covenant and they showed us that all humanity is not able to follow God’s rules, if left to our own power and choice. If you could follow the Law, it would mean you were free of your sin nature.  However, if you are breathing and reading this you are not in fact free of your sin nature.  As Paul says, “The law simply shows us how sinful we are.”  So, if you are stuck in a cycle of trying to follow the Law for God—get out!  That is not the point of the Law! 

So, now we know.  Apart from God we can do nothing but have sinful thoughts that lead to sinful lives driven by sinful desires.  We know right and wrong and every time we do something we know is wrong we accrue a sin debt to God.  We cannot be made right with God by following the Law because we can’t follow the law in our own strength.  So, what do we do?  Is it all over for us?

NO!  Because we are loved by the Creator of all of the universe.  He is Perfect and cannot just sweep that sin debt we have built up under the rug.  In verse 3: 21 Paul tells us about the greatest thing ever to happen for sinners.  “BUT NOW GOD…”  God knew we could not follow the law.  He knew left to our own thoughts and desires we would choose sin.  So HE made a way for us to be right with Him.  All those times the gavel fell—boom!—and sin debt was added to our account, God sent His Son Jesus to take that debt.  He was a Glorified Scape Goat.  He took the sin debt of the world.  And when you say, “Jesus I believe in what you did on the Cross, I put my faith in you alone” you are—boom!—PAID IN FULL—SIN DEBT FREE!!! 

Now that we have been made right with God, Paul is going to teach us what place the Law has in our life and how to live this new “made right with God apart from the Law” life. 

Psalms 12: 1-8

Proverbs 19: 13-14

7/15/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 19: 1—21: 30

Most of what we read today we have already read in 2 Samuel.  However, just like the gospels record different aspects of the same event because they are written by different men, so too are there different aspects, numbers and motives recorded here.  It all comes out in the wash. 

Romans 2:25—3: 8

Yesterday Paul introduced the second witness that would condemn us before God, our conscience.  If you have the ability to look at a murderer and say, “You murdered and you were wrong,” you have shown you posses a conscience.  The problem comes because the conscience does not make us choose the right thing to do, it just tells us if we are doing right or wrong.  And every time you know something is wrong in God’s eyes and you do it anyway, the gavel comes down on desk—boom! Condemned before God.    

God wrote down the “rules” for us to follow.  He gave the rules to the Israelites (the Jews) and they were supposed to follow them so the watching world would see the qualities of God displayed in their behavior.  This “Law” was to be followed to the T so they would be right with God.  However, this proved to be an impossibility because they could not stay faithful to the Law.  Do you feel that too?  Like when you see a speed limit sign that says 60 MPH, do you nudge your cruise control to 65 MPH because you know you can get away with it?  Well the same principle applies with God’s Law. 

So, you may be like the people Paul addresses in the last paragraph today.  You might say, “Wait if God knows I cannot follow the Law why on earth does He condemn me when I break the Law?” (Not talking the law of the USA, I am speaking of God’s Law: The 10 Commandments.)  Or, “If I sin, I am only showing off how glorious God is because He does not condemn me.”  This does not hold water.  We will see in coming chapters why, but I’ll give you a spoiler.  You are slave to whatever you serve.  If you are serving God, you are a slave to the Creator of all the universe Who is Perfectly Fair and Perfectly Loving, and where His Spirit is there is liberty.  If you serve your sin you are a slave to Satan the father of lies and bondage.  Hint: Pick plan A.

Psalm 11: 1-7

Proverb 19: 10-12

7/13/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 15: 1—16:36

This is life with God right here.  You seek Him, He might have to correct you (Uzziah’s death when David tried to move the Ark how he wanted to), you take the correction and then do things God’s way.  David reveals his character in his actions after being discipline.  He rounds up the Levites and puts the God ordained worship back together.  No more doing it how he thinks is best.  He longs to do it Gods way.  It is really beautiful to see someone who has been disciplined by God, move closer to Him because they know He is the source of all truth and righteousness.  It is heartbreaking to see people reject God’s discipline and turn away from Him because they are too proud to admit they did something wrong.

Romans 1: 18-32

In the next 4 days of reading Paul is going to show us why the whole of humanity is condemned before God because of sin.  The first witness Paul calls to the stand is the whole of creation.  God’s invisible qualities are revealed in the intricacies of creation.  We can see those qualities and know there is a God who had to make them.  But humanity did not see creation and worship God.  They chose idol worship.  For us reading this now we don’t so much carve half animal half human statues, we have come up with all different kinds of unseen gods to worship idly.  Fake gods like science and theories that say God is not the creator, fame and fortune and money.   

And so, when you see creation and reject God, He does not squish you like a bug, He lets you have your way.  He turns you over to the control of your mind.  The problem is apart from God you will become so dark and vile.  The further away you move from His Holiness the darker you become, until you are driven only by your shameful desires.  And Paul says worse yet, you drag other people down with you.  Without God, our minds will lead us to death because of the sin nature we were all born with. 

Psalm 10: 1-15

Proverbs 19: 6-7

7/12/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 12: 19—14: 17

The story that stood out to me today in this section was when king David wanted to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem, and Uzziah was a casualty.  David mistakenly planned all this pomp and grandeur to bring the Ark back and forgot what the Lord had actually ordained for transporting the Ark.  Remember back in Deuteronomy?  Acacia poles, blue coverings, um….LEVITES.  Don’t we all do this though?  We are like, “Lord!  I love you so much I am going to honor you in a way that makes perfect sense to me and totally disregards the Lord.”  This is why He tells us exactly how to honor Him.  Otherwise, people get struck down because they get too close to the Ark and mistakenly think God needs “help” to steady His Ark.  (which he does not)

Romans 1: 1-17

MY FAVORITE BOOK OF THE BIBLE.  I am also dedicating this section of the One Year Bible Recap to my friend Shelia who loves this book too! I think I love this book so much because I am living this book out in real-time.  (Spoiler—you are too reader) 

Paul, in this book, makes the most beautiful argument for being saved by faith alone and living the Christian life by faith.  Literally, law schools all over the country make their students study the structure of this argument.  Paul starts in the first section with the Introduction in Romans 1: 1-17.  Then He tells us why all humanity is condemned because of sin in Romans 1: 18—3: 20.  Then He tells us how God intervened and gave us the Righteousness we need to be right with Him in Romans 3: 21—5: 21.  Then He tells us how to walk out this new Righteousness through a process called Sanctification in Romans 6:1—8: 39.  Then he tells us about God and Israel’s relationship and why it matters to us Gentiles in Romans 9: 1—11: 36.  Then He tells us how to live out our Transformed Christian Life in Romans 12: 1—15: 13.  Then he concludes in Romans 15: 14—16: 27.  I have been stuck in that first section, condemned by my sin, lost in hopelessness.  I have had God absolutely interrupt my life and show me that I needed His Righteousness to be right.  And I am currently walking in this process of Sanctification, which I don’t think ever actually stops because this is the crux of living that transformed life described in the Christian life section.

A few notes.  The letter to the Romans is written to “all of you in Rome who are loved by God and are called to be His own holy people.”  The purpose for writing is a “same page meeting” of sorts.  This church in Rome was most likely started by someone who heard Peter preach at Pentecost.  In the interim so much bad teaching has already taken hold and Paul does not want to see anyone miss the forest for the trees, or miss the tree for the forest?  I don’t know but what is happening is false teachers are adding to the Message and are over complicating it.  Salvation is by faith in Jesus, that’s it.  Now living out that Transformed life Paul talks about in this book is something different.  It is a whole lot of denying your sinful self and choosing to do what God says.  But we do this, BECAUSE we have been made right with God, NOT TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD. 

Psalm 9: 13-20

Proverbs 19: 4-5

7/11/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 11: 1—12: 18

Aaahhhh, I see why people complain that this book white washes history.  The story of David coming to the throne seems to be missing a guy named Abner who decided he was king, not David.  This story makes it sound like Saul died, and everyone looked for David and then they all held hands and sang kumbaya.  Which, if we remember did not happen.  There was divided loyalties and unrest until everyone got on God’s page.  But we can forgive this because again, it’s not like the details are not recorded, they are just not recorded in this book.  This book is focusing on the Davidic line, not the narrative.  We do get to see David’s devotion to God in the worship of Him by the pouring out of the water.  This is beautiful because not only is David’ s heart posture worship of God, but he led his men in the same kind of worship. 

Acts 28: 1-31

We finish the book of Acts today, with a snake bit and a final “Gospel progress report.”

These people did not know Paul, so God used the snake bit to challenge their thinking.  Because he did not die, they assumed he was a god because we humans have to try to make sense of things.  Paul then goes on to minster to the island by healing the sick.  Remember faith healed people as Jesus taught us, so obviously Paul was sharing the Gospel with them as well.

Paul finally makes it to Rome and believers meet him at the Forum.  What this means friends is that the Gospel has reached beyond Jerusalem just like Jesus said it would all the way back in verse 1: 8, check it out: 

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.[1]

With this final progress report that Luke gives us today we know that the Gospel is well on its way to the ends of the Earth because Rome is essentially the cultural mecca of the time.  And the book ends with this:

He welcomed all who visited him, 31 boldly proclaiming the Kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ. And no one tried to stop him. [2]

He lived through all that persecution and suffering and now, no one tried to stop him.  That is the power of Jesus right there.

Psalm 9: 1-12

Proverbs 19: 1-3 

[1] Tyndale House Publishers. Holy Bible: New Living Translation. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 2013. Print.

[2] Tyndale House Publishers. Holy Bible: New Living Translation. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 2013. Print.

7/10/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 9: 1—10: 14

The book is transitioning to narrative with the close of the genealogies in this section.  Also, after the Exile, the focus is really on the tribe of Judah, (including the tribes of Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh).  This is because instead of inhabiting the whole Land that was promised to them, Israel will be doing good just to keep hold of Jerusalem. 

The narrative starts with the death of Saul.  We also get clarification on why the judgement from God that came down on Saul.  It says he was unfaithful to the Lord and even consulted a medium instead of asking God for guidance.  This is the conclusion we came to when we read this story in 1 Samuel, but it is good to know exactly what happened.  We know about Saul’s death at the hands of the Philistines and that they hung his body on a wall.  New information is that they hung his head in the temple of Dagon.  Gross!

Acts 27: 21-44

As we said yesterday, at this point in Acts the message and messengers have been authenticated and the process of living out this truth and commission is illustrated here in Paul’s journey to Rome.  But our God is fully loving and will encourage us when we lose sight of the plan.  I love how I Paul says, “I believe God.”  It is so simple.  Have courage and believe God.  That should be our mantra.  I also love how Paul says to the people trying to get in the life boat, basically, I am the only reason you are alive right now.  God is getting me to Rome and if you get off this boat and leave me, you will die. 

Honestly at this point all I can think about is how sea sick they all are.  I got sea sick yesterday on a tube ride here at Schlitterbahn and I really don’t think there is a worse feeling, besides maybe morning sickness.  It beats you down, saps your strength so you can’t eat, and makes you weak.  But Paul makes them all eat.  He breaks bread and does the one thing most of us forget to do when we are struggling, he thanks God.  That is truly “believing God.”  When we get to the point in our maturity that we can thank Him not just for saving us from trouble, but for the trouble itself.  Because remember, what Paul learns in the suffering he goes through causes him to write basically most of the instructions for the Christian life.  When trouble comes we have to ask ourselves, “What will I learn from this that will help me understand God more?” 

Psalm 8: 1-9

Proverbs 18: 23-24

7/9/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 7: 1—8: 40

The descendants of Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, and Asher are listed today.  I was confused when, after we read all of those names it then recorded, ”Benjamin’s first son was…….”  I was like, wait, what?  Is this a new Benjamin?  What did I miss?  So, I picked up my trusty Bible Knowledge Commentary and it said this:

Benjamin and his descendants were briefly introduced earlier (7:6–12) but now a full genealogy is given. Its purpose was obviously to trace the lineage of Saul and his immediate family[1]

Oh, right, thanks BKC.  Yes, that was totally OBVIOUS.  Am I just being sensitive?  That seemed a bit harsh to me.  But also keep in mind I am traveling, and I had to make my coffee in an antique coffee pot like the pilgrims this morning, so maybe I am not in a good frame of mind. 

Acts 27: 1-20

Gosh I love this story.  Not because Paul and Luke were in danger but because of what the 30,000 ft view of this story means for us. 

We all know that Jesus was the boss of all the seas and weather on Earth because He walked on water and calmed the storm.  Those miracles authenticated that He was the son of God. 

Do you remember in the beginning of the book of Acts when Philip was transported miraculously to share the gospel with the Ethiopian Eunuch?  God was authenticating His Message to the watching world and was miraculously moving the Message of the Gospel out of Jerusalem.  This authenticated that the Message was for the Gentiles as well as the Jews.

So, what gives?  Why does Paul have to live through a journey like this?  Why could He not just ask God to calm the waters and push the boat to Rome.  I mean God told Paul he was going to go to Rome to share the Gospel.  Why is God making the trip so hard when we know God can snap his fingers and get him there instantly.  Why?  Because God has already authenticated His Message and He has already authenticated Paul.  We can point to the miracles in this book and know that God is with Paul.  But since he is already authenticated, Paul gets to now walk out what he is going to preach to all of us.  What I mean is, the coming books of the New Testament talk about how we have to “run our race, stay the course, deny ourselves, follow Christ no matter the cost, tell everyone about Jesus, that to live is Christ and die is gain.”  If Paul never had to endure hardship, how would he have learned that?  How would he be able to teach us how to overcome our sin nature?  Because the truth is, fellow believer, learning these lessons are a day in and day out race of endurance, NOT something you can achieve by a snap of the fingers.  It is our Middlemarch.

Don’t ever get talked into the lie, “If God wants you to do it, it will be easy.” Paul’s story today teaches us that is not true.

Psalms 7-1-17

Proverbs 18: 22

Jesse is working back in Rockwall, can someone make sure he reads this Proverb today?     

[1] Merrill, Eugene H. “1 Chronicles.” The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures. Ed. J. F. Walvoord and R. B. Zuck. Vol. 1. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1985. 601. Print.

7/8/19 One Year Bible Recap

1 Chronicles 5: 18—6: 81

The genealogies of Moses and Aaron are important because as the people are setting up worship in the Temple again after the Exile, they needed to know who is a Levitical descendent.  Only descendants of Aaron could serve as high priests.  After the Exile the monarchy is never really ever set up again.  The governing falls to the Priests, so it is important that the correct people are in there. 

Acts 26: 1-32

Gosh guys, I am so psyched that when asked for a defense Paul just keeps going back to his God timeline.  I talk to people all the time who say that they don’t know how to tell people about God because they don’t know what to say.  Take if from Paul, just tell them what God has done in your life.  It is that easy.  If you are not clear about what God has done in your life or what your God timeline looks like I would love for you to shoot me PM so I can help you figure it out.  Then you will never again be silent when you have to give a defense of your beliefs.  It is a beautiful thing.  Also please notice the sin laced all through Paul’s timeline.  Don’t for one second think that God does not include our failings on our timeline to teach us and show us how Good He is.  He is not afraid of our sin at all.  You know why?  He already won that war.  That’s what Paul means when he says, “I teach nothing except what the prophets and Moses said would happen.”  The suffering, the death and the raising from the dead is the war that Jesus waged on sin, AND HE WON. 

Psalm 6: 1-10

Proverbs 18: 20-21


Well, she had the baby while I was in Michigan so of course she moved out while I was in Michigan.

I can’t bring myself to put anything back in her room.
But don’t feel to bad for me because I turned Kohen’s room into my writing room so fast it would make your head spin.

Well my friends, I am here to report to you that our precious Laycie and adorable Kohen have flown from the nest.  In perfect poetic irony, she had the baby when I was in Michigan and moved out while I was in Michigan.  And if you don’t see that as God’s kindness to me, I am not sure you are looking.  I can’t imagine the mess I would have been to have to physically carry her stuff out of my house.  And guys I want to tell you, this girl that has lived in our house for almost a year may be the biggest Middlemarch Miracle I have ever had the privilege to witness. 

I cannot tell her story for her, but I can say that I got to watch God woo one of His lost sheep back to Himself.  I got to see someone who was living in total chaos when she moved in, start to make choices that lined up with scripture, and bring peace to her life.  And then as she learned how to trust God more fully, I saw God SHOW OFF His love for her.  Things happened for her that can only be explained as a Middlemarch Miracle.  And friends, this was not easy for this single mom. 

I am here to tell you that if you know Laycie in real life you are coming in contact with one of the strongest people on Earth.  Everything in the world pointed to her just staying stuck in the broken relationships and chaos that sin had created all around her.  And people, step by step she stared down those obstacles, tentatively took Jesus’ hand, and WALKED RIGHT OUT OF THE GRAVE.  It was not easy, and statistics say that she should not have succeeded.  But God does not care one jot for miserable statistics.  Also, it was not pain free.  It was a process that took much prayer, many tears (mostly mine because I am a crier), much discussion, discipline, and commitment.  She did not just wake up one day healed of wanting to have things her own way.  Just as much as God wooed her, she had to deny herself and her sinful desires and follow Him.  That is real strength people. 

Also, the heart behind Selah Creek is amazing.  Never once was the leadership of Selah Creek afraid to jump right in the mix with us.  They flexed when we wanted to bend the rules for her.  They came in like a wrecking ball when we needed to have order restored.  This is what it means to stand in the gap for single moms.  Look around people, single moms are the MOST marginalized demographic in our world.  As Christians we are the “gap people.”  We have the power of God in us to be able to stand in the gap for the marginalized.  Do it!  And watch your Middlemarch get set on fire!!!  Also, Selah Creek is looking for a house to rent so they can provide housing to a single mom who is needing care right this minute.  Do you have a rental you could let them rent in the Dallas area?  Hit me up in the comments and I will pass your info along.  If you want to know more about Selah Creek click here.

Currently Laycie is fully plugged in at church, is working full-time, her and Kohen are living in their own place, and Laycie is taking classes through Collin College.  When she moved in here Ashely, Director at Selah Creek, made her sit down and make a dream board.  Laycie had forgotten how to dream because of the chaos she was stuck in.  Slowly she started to want things for herself.  Things like an education and a secure place to live that was just her own.  And I can report right now that she checked off pretty much everything on that dream board save one.  The one she is still working on is finding a guy that will add to her life instead of steal from her life.  This is an uphill battle for sure because this guy will have to make it through an approval committee that resembles the Roman Courts, the Sanhedrin, the Great White Throne of Judgement, and me.  Joking aside, the cool thing is that this young woman knows her worth now.  And she knows God has a guy for her that will love her like Christ loves the Church and will love Kohen like he was his own.  And when that guy shows up, after he makes it through the approval committee, I will love him like I love Laycie, I promise.  (I will do my best, but I will be watching him.)

Laycie, you have added so much to our lives.  People say all the time that we are so good to take you in.  But I can see clearly that you have blessed us more than we ever blessed you.  You have been forever knitted into our family.  You are a GREAT mom and remember you are doing everything just right.  Please remember going forward that I only freak the freak out on people I love.  If I did not care about you, I would not be so intense.  You cannot be rid of us.  We are in this for the long haul.  You are not alone.  The Lord loves you Laycie Raye.  More than you can possible comprehend.  You are right where He wants you.  Continue to do what He says, and you will be good.  I love you.  And Kohen, Auntie Crazy loves you too!  (PTL—they are still in Rockwall so I will still see them all the time.) 

Goodness, is there a cuter baby in the world?