7/31/19 Look, We Are All Just Trying To Honor God.

2 Chronicles 29: 1-36

The story today reminded me of one of those sequences in movies where the ugly girl gets a makeover, or the underdog army pulls together to overcome.  These bedraggled Jews pull themselves together to reopen the formerly closed Temple.  Also, I have decided the Chronicler is an eternal optimist.  He really makes me believe with every story that things are going to turn around and people are going to stay in fellowship with God.  However, we have inside knowledge from Debbie Downer who wrote 1st and 2nd Kings.  But in this shining moment they have pulled together and rejoiced because of what God had done for the people. In this moment they were trying to honor God.

Romans 14: 1-23

So yesterday we learned that we take our transformed life and submit to governing authorities.  Today we learn that we are free to take our freedom’s and submit them to other believers to build each other up.  Paul is not talking about believers doing illegal things here so don’t show up to church on Sunday and start passing around weed and telling people you feel “convicted” that you are free to smoke weed and we should too. (if you live in TX, where it is still illegal.)  That is not the context.  Paul is writing to people who feel weird eating meat that had been sacrificed and “offered” to fake gods.  His purpose is to clarify that whether to eat the meat or not is not a black or white issue.  Pharisee’s want black or white rules, followers of Jesus realize every decision is made inside the context of relationships.

As our minds are transformed, we get to start using our conscience again to guide us.  The Holy Spirit will use this to convict us of sin and unrighteousness.  Everyone is at a different spot in the transformation and will be more sensitive or less sensitive to different things.  The big point is in verse 23.  But if you have doubts about whether or not you should eat something, you are sinning if you go ahead and do it.  For you are not following your convictions if you do anything you believe is not right you are sinning.  In Paul’s example the big issue is if you are eating with a believer who feels convicted that they should not partake in the meat and you do; and not only that but you make them feel bad about abstaining; you have caused that person to sin, and you are sinning for leading them to do something they felt conviction over.  Today this would look like you are going out to dinner with other believers and you feel the freedom to have a glass of wine, but the people you are eating with don’t.  You should be mature enough to abstained for that one meal from drinking.  And you really should be mature enough not shame them into drinking when they are convicted that they should not. 

Paul says, we are all just trying to honor God and our desire should be to live in harmony.  When there is an issue there should be discussion and words used like, “I feel free to do this but please tell me your convictions on it because I want to honor them.”  Again, this is talking about preferences not non-negotiables.  (Non-negotiables would be anything that adds to or takes away from the Gospel.)

Psalm 24

Proverbs 20: 12

7/30/19 How God Uses Pain To Get Our Attention

2 Chronicles 26: 1—28: 27

God will use suffering to break down our pride so we will repent and come back into fellowship with Him.  He could just zap people off the earth when they sin but that does not line up with His character.  He is always convincing, teaching and proving to us that He is our Creator, and He loves His creation.  Disease, war and oppression are all things that God will use to snap us back into reality.  The pain of those things causes us to self-reflect and seek answers and solutions for the pain.  Nothing motivates you to change your ways like pain does.  This section also shows us that God is not just sovereign over those who love Him but over EVERYONE.  He is sovereign over His enemies as well as His people.  Nothing is out of God’s control.

Romans 13

We just learned in the OT reading today that God is sovereign over everything.  Well guess what?  He was sovereign over the Roman government these Roman believers were having to live under.  Check your history books to be sure, or ask Jesus about His crucifixion, but if I remember correctly, the Romans were not known for their kindness.  In fact, they were known for their violence, “Eh tu, Brute?”  But Paul tells them in order to be good representatives of Jesus, they are to submit to the governing authorities and pay their taxes.  Guess what else?  This applies to us too.  This means that even in this democracy known as the USA, whomever is placed in authority by our votes, is actually sovereignly placed there by God and we are to submit to them.  Do we have to like it?  No!  But when we clothe ourselves in “the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ,” we choose to put ourselves under His authority and do what He says.  This makes us children of the light and gives us the power to deny our evil desires.  This is important because loving our neighbor and doing what He says, is how people will learn about Jesus.    

Psalm 23

Proverbs 20: 11

7/29/19 OYBR–Know God’s Will for Your Life.

2 Chronicles 24: 1—25:28

I’ll be honest king Joash, I don’t get it.  What on earth did those officials say to you to convince you to give up the Lord and worship fake gods?  It puts me on edge about what and who I listen too. 

I love how we are given the example of the right way to solicit money from people at the beginning of the reading today.  Joash wanted Jehoiada to go out and demand payment from the people.  But giving money to the temple is a form of worship, as described in Deuteronomy.  God never demands our worship; He DESERVES our worship.  He could snap His fingers and take 10% out of your bank account right now, but that is not the kind of awe He wants you to be in.  He wants you to joyfully give to Him because of the fact that you love Him.  When we reflect back on our timeline with God, we see His faithfulness and it moves us to worship.

Romans 12

Good God almighty!  I love this chapter.  Tuck in, here we go!

“And so,” two words that mean so very much.  What is that referring to?  Well the “and so,” is referring to the first 11 chapters of Romans.  Think of it like this…..

Humans are condemned before the Lord because creation and their own conscience testify to the fact that there is One True God.  However, humans rejected that Truth and went their own way.  But while we humans were still enemies with God, God made a way to be right with Him.  He sent His son to pay the sin debt for all.  So now we are no longer married to the Law given to the Israelites to show sin, but married to Jesus.  But God also raised Jesus from the dead and gave us that same power that helps us overcome sin.  But there is a war that goes on between the flesh and the Spirit.  We want to do good, but we end up doing what is wrong.  But God is powerful enough to move us along in this war, and nothing can separate us from His love.  The proof of that is that the Israelites rejected Him and although they are set aside right now, He is still coming back to fulfill all the promises He made to them.  Their rejection allowed salvation to come to us Gentiles. 

That whole paragraph ^^^^ = “And so”

Since we know all of that about what God has done for us, and how we are empowered by the Spirit, now we, “Give our bodies as a living sacrifice.”  Have you wanted to know what God’s will for your life is?  Well it is that you would not copy the customs of the world, but live as a living sacrifice.  And then Paul goes on to tell us to NOT copy the customs of the World:

Don’t think yourself better than you really are. (Be humble)

Be honest in your self reflection, you are part of the body, not the whole thing.

Use your gifts to build up the body, not to show off.

Really love each other.

Hate what is wrong.

Hold tightly to what is good.

Work hard and serve the ENTHUSIASTICALLY.

Rejoice in our Hope! (He is coming back!)

Be patient and prayerful.

When a church member is in need, help them.

Practice hospitality.

Bless your enemy.

Live in harmony, cry with those who are sad, laugh with those who are happy.

Don’t be act like you are Mr. or Mrs. Big stuff.


No paybacks—be honorable.

Live in peace with everyone.

Don’t let evil conquer you.

So, you get Paul’s point, if you only did half of this, you would look very different from the world.  This is what being a living sacrifice looks like.  But remember this is a war that goes on inside you that you have to partner with God with to win.  You cannot white knuckle this and make yourself be transformed. (ask me how I know)  It happens with the renewing of your mind.  The good news is that you are making progress when you start to discern worldly behavior and Spirit behavior.  You start to think thoughts that are Spirit led instead of flesh led.  This war is fought in the quiet.  You have to get still and quiet and take inventory of what is going on in your mind.  You have to do things like repent and say, “Lord I want to throat punch that person, but you say that is evil, so keep from doing evil.”  And He does it, because He is in the business of transformation.

Psalm 22: 19-31

Proverbs 20: 8-10

7/28/19 One Year Bible Recap

2 Chronicles 21:1—23:21

Yesterday (Saturday) we a read through Jehoshaphat’s life.  I love how the Chronicler pointed out that not only did God win the war for them, but He also allowed them to collect more plunder than they can carry.  When God goes to war for you, you don’t walk away empty handed. 

We continue to trace the line of David in today’s reading.  It is not going well, and the Chronicler reminds us that God is keeping this line alive, not because of the kings’ goodness but because of His Goodness and Promise to David.  We reap what we sow, that is for sure, just ask Jehoram about what happens to your bowels when you do evil in the Lords sight.  But the Lord promised David that promised Deliverer would come out of the Davidic line.  And despite their disobedience God is moving through them to carry on the line.  This is to teach us that salvation comes to us not based on our goodness, but on His! 

Romans 11: 13-36

Yesterday Paul proved to us that God had set Israel aside for now and, because of their rejection, salvation had come to the Gentiles.  He is even using what is happening with the Gentiles to make them jealous so they will come to faith.  God has elected to reserve a remnant of Israelites on Earth because of His Promises to the Patriarch.  However, the Israelites that are trusting in the Law to save them are in the same boat as Pharaoh was.  They rejected God long enough that they have been locked into their decision just like Pharaoh’s heart was hardened.  But don’t worry because they have not fallen so far that God will not save them.  He is just waiting until the Church is fully formed.  Of course He will save them, He chose them to be His special people.  Remember salvation comes from God and is not based on our obedience to the Law but on His goodness. 

Paul also warns us Gentiles not get too proud of ourselves.  This is exactly why Israel stumbled.  They took the “God’s Chosen People,” thing and ran with it.  We are just wild olive branches grafted in through faith.  The God’s Grace to us is what got us on the tree in the first place, not our goodness.  Lest we should become like the Pharisee’s who chose the Law to save them instead of God, we have to be careful to remember we are the branches not the root. 

Psalm 22: 1-18

Proverbs 20:7

7/26/19 One Year Bible Recap

2 Chronicles 17: 1—18: 34

We read this story of Jehoshaphat and Ahab in 1 Kings 8, and it is just as funny this time around.  In this version we get more of Jehoshaphat’s point of view.  I love how he sent teachers into the clans to teach the people God’s Law.  They are so far removed from Sinai that this was most likely new information.  I also love the God knows we need the Word of God written down because our sin-soaked minds cannot remember it on our own.  And again, I think the point is if you are going into battle with another king and he tells you, “You dress in your royal robe and I am going to go in disguise,” don’t fall for it!  It’s a trap!

Romans 9:25—10:13

Paul is still explaining to us what the relationship status is between Israel and God.  Paul is clearly proving that God’s plan with the Gentiles is different from His plan with Israel.  Us Gentiles were not His Chosen People, but now because of faith we are His children.  He made Israel a great nation but because they chose the Law to save them instead of putting their faith in God they are set aside right now.  Because of the Promises God made He will always keep a small number of Israelites on earth until He carries out His final plan for them.  They are His Chosen People and He will come to cleanse them, He Promised.  But because they stumbled over the rock, that is Jesus, the Church was born.  But here is the cool thing.  God knew this was the plan all along.  He had to make all of us right with Him, and that was through the death and life of Jesus. 

In chapter 10 Paul is going to teach us about “misdirected zeal.”  His heart hurts for Israel because he knows how much effort they are putting into being right with God.  But in that zeal, they forgot to obey God.  The Law was given to show them how sinful they were and make they expectant of a Savior.  But somewhere along the way they chose the Law to save them instead of God.  The Law cannot save unless you follow it perfectly—and humans can’t.  Humans do not have to move heaven and earth to be saved, they just have to whisper in their hearts, “Jesus I put my faith in you.”  And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord is saved. 

Psalm 20: 1-9

Proverbs 20: 2-3

7/25/19 One Year Bible Recap

2 Chronicles 14: 1—16: 14

Godly choices bring peace.  There is no way around it.  Asa lines his life and Judah up with what they know of God and sees the chaos created from the idol worship, so he cleans house.  Because of this the people has peace and rest.  This principle is true for us believers as well.  We can be living lives of chaos, but if we line our lives up with what we know of God and make choices that reflect Him, He will give us peace in the midst of this crazy world. 

Something changed in Asa though.  He saw God beat the army of the Ethiopian, but when faced with war later in his life he responded by removing the gold and silver from the Temple to by an alliance with King Ben-hadad of Aram.  My guess is that he fell victim to circumstantial comfort.  This happens when we have a fat bank account, nice house, good wife or hubby, and all the creature comforts.  We start to think we are the king of our own destiny.  Until we wind up with a foot disease that has no cure, or something similar like Asa did.  I know I have been a fool in this way.  We have to be on guard for this!

Romans 9: 1-24

Paul taught us in chapter 8 that the Spirit is our power and what helps us win the war against our sin nature.  He also told us that NOTHING can separate us from God’s love.  But that statement would have made all the hands go up in the room with people wanting to ask this question, “If nothing can separate us from God’s love then how do you explain what He did to the Israelites?”  So, for the next 3 chapters Paul is going to explain the status of the relationship between God and Israel.  This is important because if God cast Israel off, then He is not faithful to His word.  But we know God is faithful to His Word so Paul is going to tell us what is going here. 

First, he explains who an actual child of the Promise is, meaning a real member of His chosen nation.  The Promise is the covenant God made with Abraham.  See Genesis 12 for a review of that Promise.  Abraham had many children, but Isaac is the one God said He would fulfill the Promise through.  And when Rebekah and Isaac had their twins, Jacob was who God chose to fulfill the Promise through.  God gets to decide who He shows mercy to.  He is our creator it is for Him to choose.  He even used Pharaoh in the reverse way to show His Glory.  Meaning He allowed Pharaoh to reject Him so he could bring the plagues and prove that the pantheon of gods Egypt had in place were not real.  And this truth, that God created us and gets to do with us what He chooses, is the first hard truth we have to get over.  Our sin nature rises up and says, “Wait!  How can you hold me accountable when I am just a puppet doing your bidding?”  But God is so much deeper and more complicated than just being a puppeteer.  He wants His Glory to shine through us.  Remember yesterday we said that unless He woo’s you, you would never believe in God on your own because your sin nature is hostile to God.  But he does woo us and chooses us to show off His mercy.  He could make the choice to show us His wrath because that is what we deserve, but He made a different choice.  His mercy and patience to us shows off the deepness of a Loving God, not the act of a puppeteer. 

Psalm 19: 1-14

Proverbs 20: 1

7/24/19 One Year Bible Recap

2 Chronicles 11:1—13: 22

Remember, we have read these stories before in 2 Kings.  Sometimes it’s confusing because the Chronicler is recording different aspects of the same stories.  This is the same as how the Gospels are all telling stories about the life of Jesus but from a different point of view.  All Scripture is God breathed and He delights in using different writers to bring out different aspects of His story.  The Chronicler is pointing out that Judah is where the faithful few are hanging out.  He does this to focus on the Davidic line.  Remember he is showing us God’s faithfulness to the promises He made to David. 

Romans 8: 26-39

The Holy Spirit takes our sin-soaked soul and intercedes for us with God the Father.  He prompts and pulls and convicts us of sin so that we can be in harmony with the will of God—which is righteous living.  God is not surprised by sin.  He knew long ago that the Adam and Eve would sin.  He knew people would become depraved because of sin.  He knew that He would give them the Law to show them their sin.  He knew Israel would ultimately reject His son.  He knew that out of that rejection the church (us believers) would be born.  He knows that we are so steeped in sin and our minds are so lost that we cannot think our way to God.  He has to call to us because we are lost sheep with no hope of saving ourselves.  If you know God it’s because He wooed you first, you did not get there on your own.  Remember Paul already told us “there are none righteous, no not one.”  But he woos you to Him, then when you go to Him, He gives your right standing.  This is the mysterious and glorious work of redemption that God works for all humans.  God even knows who in humanity will be added to the brothers and sister.  He does not force you, but He does hold out His hand and call to all.  And the greatest thing about a God that powerful is that there is nothing you can do to fall out of His out stretched hand once you have gone to Him.  His love is powerful that nothing can separate us from Him.  I don’t know about you, but this is good news for me.  I don’t have to be afraid of anything like demons, Satan or other powers, I am His.  He has given me His Glory, so what do I have to fear?  Certainly not a hotel full of super talented writers and publishing officials.  Right?

Psalm 18: 37-50

Proverbs 19: 27-29

7/23/19 One Year Bible Recap

2 Chronicles 8: 11—10:19

This recording of Solomon moving his Egyptian wife stood out to me.  It was just one of those confusing things that makes you think, “This is recorded for a reason but I don’t get it.”  That is where the trusty Bible Knowledge Commentary comes in handy.  People who are way smarter than me dive into the text and through a thorough editing process (many smart people discussing it) come up with a reasonable explanation.  Look what I found in the BKC today:

Though the chronicler did not relate how the daughter of the Egyptian king (Pharaoh Siamun of Dynasty 21?) had become Solomon’s wife, the fact that she had implies the political strength and status of Israel’s king for he must have been regarded by Pharaoh as at least his equal.[1]

So, take that in.  The Israelites had been slaves to the Egyptians.  The Israelites escaped Egyptian rule because of God’s Glorious intervention.  The recording of this Egyptian bride is important because it shows how powerful Israel had become.  In Pharaoh’s eyes, the Israelites were escaped slaves not worthy of his daughter.  But also, in Pharaoh’s eyes he wanted to be aligned with the Israelites because of the power of the nation.  And what did God promise?  To make them a great nation.  This shows God’s faithfulness to His Promises.  Israel has become so great that Pharaoh is humbled enough to let his daughter marry Solomon.  (Now, side note: “Only marry Israelites seems to be over looked here.  But again, your heart posture matters to God, and He knew no one could follow the Law, it was there to show sin.  Which it does a good job of.)

Romans 8: 9-25

Yesterday Paul told us about how there is a war going on in our minds.  We want to follow the Law because it reflects God, but we inevitably do what is wrong because of our sin nature.  Today Paul teaches us about the power of the Spirits and how the Spirit gives us the power to win this war in our minds.  When we are indwelt with the Spirit we are no longer under the obligation of sin.  It can yell at us and tell us what it wants us to do all it wants but we don’t have to listen.  People who don’t have the Spirit do have to listen because they do not possess the power to overcome sin.  But believers are God’s children and they have the power to just say no to sin.  (I feel like Nancy Reagan in the 80’s with the Just Say No campaign that taught us drugs are bad)

We are given His Spirit not just so we know we are His children but also because His Spirit helps us to endure suffering until we get to Heaven to be with Him for Eternity.  Hear me now!!! If anyone has told you that being a Christian is a cake walk and you will get everything you ever wanted and never suffer—THEY LIED TO YOU.  All of Creation is steeped in sin.  That is bound to leave a mark on us who are living free of sin.  Remember our sin nature is at war with the Spirit, the same thing happens in the World, so be ready, you may suffer a bit.  But suffering is nothing compared to what awaits us.  Be confident in that hope.

Psalm 18: 16-36

Proverbs 19: 26

[1] Merrill, Eugene H. “2 Chronicles.” The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures. Ed. J. F. Walvoord and R. B. Zuck. Vol. 1. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1985. 627. Print.

7/22/19 One Year Bible Recap

2 Chronicles 6:12—8:10

I loved all the insight we got in this section for what went on at the dedication of the Temple.  The beginning of his prayer really stood out to me because I think it is such a good declaration of God’s character.  He does not keep the covenant He has made with Israel based on their obedience; he keeps the covenant to all who walk before Him in wholehearted devotion.  This truth applies to us, Gentiles, as well.  Devotion (faith) is all that is required of us in order for God to keep the promises He made through Jesus.  And we see that through the pages of the OT that what Solomon says here is true.  We know He will keep His Covenant because we have traveled through these pages and watched Him be faithful and show His unfailing love when devoted hearts were involved.  (and we also see what happens to un-devoted hearts)

Romans 7: 14—8:8

OMGosh!  I got up early today because I could not wait to write about this section of Romans!!  Yes, I am a bible nerd, and I don’t care who knows it!

Yesterday, Paul explained to us that the Law given to Moses and the Israelites was never meant to be the thing that saved us.  God gave them the Law so they would understand His holiness and humans’ sinfulness.  The Law is not bad, sin is bad.  The Law exposes sin in us.  But because God would not leave us dead in the Law, we died to the Law when we died with Christ.  And now we are free of it because we are alive with Christ.  We were married to the Law, the Law died, we remarried Christ, and now we are with Him in life. 

But here is the catch.  Our sin nature is so pervasive in our minds that once we get saved by Jesus a war starts in our minds.  When we have a relationship with Jesus, we see how good the Law is, and we want to follow it because it reflects Jesus.  But then we see our neighbors’ new boat.  You know, the one that has the sweet sound system, and all the bells and whistles.  And we think, “Gosh, I need that boat.  Why do they have that boat and I don’t?  Forget worshiping God on Sunday, I am going to work an extra day so I can buy a boat better than my neighbors.”  And this kind of thinking goes on over and over.  You know God is good and you want to do what He says is right, but you end up doing what your sin nature wants.  Like in the example above, you covet. 

The answer is partnering with Jesus to gain ground in this war in your mind.  But this war is not fought like traditional wars.  This is a war in your mind.  If you can gain ground in your mind, you don’t have to worry about sin because if you don’t think sinfully you will not act sinfully.  But it is a war you have to fight in the quiet.  You have to have enough quiet time in your day to take inventory of your thoughts.  You have to wage war on those sinful thoughts and line them up with what you know to be true of God.  You have to have enough quiet time in your day to get to know your General who is directing this war, that is Jesus.  Jesus came for this very reason, to set us free of the power of sin.  You have to fill your mind with what I call “God thoughts,” and they crowd out sinful thoughts.  The way to get “God thoughts” is to do exactly what you did before you read this, read your Bible.  

Psalm 18: 1-15

Proverbs 19: 24-25


A Humbling: Part 2

Yes this is part 2. If you would like to read read part one you can click here.

It has been a crazy couple of months. That is generally the case when you have made all these plans, and then get humbled and realize you are about to learn how to pivot, set your thoughts aside and follow the advice of someone who knows more than you. BUT, I would not go backwards, not for all the tea in china. I am on fire for what I believe is the idea God gave me to help women see that their lives matter.

I leave for She Speaks in 4 days. I will learn a lot because it is a writers conference meant to equip us in our individual gifts and teach us how to better communicate. While there, I will be proposing a book idea. But I have learned that my idea is not just a book, it is a message. So I am calling this a message proposal. I really hope that does not come back to bite me in the butt. It feels a little pompous to say, “This is more than one book.” But I don’t do anything by halves. I just take a flying leap and see where I land. Hopefully I do not land in the landing pad called, “Get a grip glory hog.”

Anyway, my OG’s, I wanted to share my proposal with y’all. As soon as I started typing it out I knew it would serve as my part two of “A Humbling.” I think this proposal communicates the humbling I went through and the heart behind my idea. But also readers, this is for y’all. I write for you because I want you to fall more in love with Jesus. So here you go! You get your first look at my idea for the future of my writing:

Hello!  Good ________!  I am so glad to be here.   My name is Sarah Griffith, I am from TX.  I did not grow up in church.  In fact, I did not get saved until I was 33 and my husband got saved a year later.  We then went to Ethnos 360 and studied the bible in their two-year training program.  Currently, my husband is on staff at our church and I volunteer in Women’s Ministry as the Bible Study Coordinator.  I also write on my blog every day. 

I just want to get this out of the way.  I was planning on coming with a totally different book proposal.  However, I am a Hope Writer and one of the good things about that is they equip you and encourage you to find your niche and to always think about your audience.  This consideration of my audience led me to hire Brian Dixon to help me clarify my original message before coming here.  It was in our first meeting that I realized I was writing a book for me, and not for my readers.  Brian helped me get to the deeper message that would actually help my readers see God more clearly.  I am so thankful!  But it has been a huge pivot, so here goes!

I want people to understand that their lives matter because of God’s Glorious Timeline.  The Bible is God’s Glorious Timeline of Redemption and we all fit into it whether we want to or not.  Not only that but each of us have our own unique God Timeline.  We have plot points in our life where we learned something about Him, we fell into sin or had a church camp high, experienced heartbreak, and fell in love with Our Savior.  All these things add up to Our God Timeline. 

However, I have found that the Bible is so misunderstood because people don’t understand God’s Glorious Timeline of Redemption.  I have done these 30 interviews to help me better understand how to explain this Timeline I see in God’s Word. (Hand her the interview summaries)  After processing those interviews and spending some creative time with God, I have come up with this workbook (hand her the workbook).  This is an overview of the Timeline I see in God’s word and some reflection questions to get women to see where God has worked or moved in their lives. 

I have discovered that I am a “Scriptural Coach” of sorts.  I can walk a woman through areas where God has worked and help her see her God Timeline.  It is so helpful in our Christian life to reflect back on what God has done.  It helps us be encouraged about where we are going in the future.  I would love to market a product like this, (give her the framed timeline).  I think women would love to have their own unique God Timeline hanging on their wall.  This is my unique Timeline and when I look at it, I see how faithful God has been in my life. 

I plan to use this workbook to coach women to see their God Timeline.  When I get home from this conference, I am going to just start emailing Women’s Directors at church’s in the DFW Area and ask if I can come speak at their women’s ministry gatherings about this God Timeline.  I am passionate about this because I have seen women absolutely fall in love with God’s Word and realized their value because of where they fit into God’s Glorious Timeline. 

I have several book ideas for this topic.  The first would obviously be a book going into more detail about the Timeline I see in God’s Word than this workbook does.  I would put away big words like covenantal theology and dispensations and choose a Meta-narrative approach.  I would expand on the specific plot points I chose for the workbook and look deeper into the lives of the people living out those plot points. 

 I also see a Timeline in the book of Romans, probably because I have lived that book of the bible out in real-time.  I have been the lost sinner thinking I was wise only to rack up an insurmountable sin debt.  I had God interrupt my life and show me how to be right with Him, and I have had to learn how to stop being a slave to sin.  And now I am trying to live out that transformed life.  However, in all that I have also learned about God’s grace for sinners who fall back into their old ways.  He pulls us back out of those old ways time and time again. 

Beyond those ideas I would love to take the God Timelines of specific people in the bible and write books about their plot points.  Say I was to write a book about the Timeline in Ruth and Naomi’s life; women who struggled with being bitter after divorce or the death of their spouse would be encouraged to see how Naomi goes from being embittered to being full of joy. 

I would treasure your feedback because you are a professional and this idea is so new, I need help getting it right and then getting it out into the world. I need someone who knows what they are doing to help me build a viable platform and market this message.  I am fully aware that I do not have all the credentials to be a safe bet for publishers right now.  However, I am a hard worker and I believe this message can help my readers understand God more fully in their lives.  It is important to me to get this message out to women.  I would love to work with you.  Here is a one sheet to summarize the idea.  (Hand her to one-sheet) It has my blog address and all my contact info. 

My plan is to loosely memorize this so I hit all the points but don’t have to read. I always have to have some sort of plan when I am speaking or I am in danger of saying off putting things and cuss words. I don’t know what happens but without a plan I go off the rails.

Huge shout out to my bestie Kelly Drose. She took my idea’s and made them beautiful. She is a killer graphic designer. I am so thankful for the Kelly Drose Design House. Hit her up if you need any graphic design work done. Here is what she has come up with for the workbook cover art:

Isn’t that gorgeous. The workbook will be available soon. It is a walk through that Meta-Narrative I talked about in the proposal along with reflection questions.

Here is what Kelly came up with for the One-Sheet I have to leave with the publishers:

I would treasure your prayers. If I am honest I am scared to death. Good thing I just gave a talk on Monday about being in control of your thought life because I am getting a lot of practice! YIKES! I am plagued by visions of me walking up to the registration desk and something like this playing out:

Me: HI! I am Sarah Griffith, just here to register.

Conference Person: Oh Good! I am glad you finally got here, we have been trying to reach you. When we looked over your stuff we realized you are a total fraud and it would be better for all Christians everywhere if you would stop writing right now. Thanks. No refunds either.

Me: {dissolves into puddle}

BUT, this is where I remind myself not to be self-centered. I remember that I am already accepted and loved by Jesus. Even if every door slams in my face, at the end of the day I still want you, my reader, to know your life matters because you fit into God’s Glorious Timeline.

Thank you again Kelly. You are a gift and I love you.

7/20/19 One Year Bible Recap

2 Chronicles 1:1—3:17

I know I usually celebrate for us when we start a new book of the bible, but, in the oldest manuscripts we have, these books are 1 book.  So, it feels like cheating if I say we started a new book.  Anyway, in todays reading we are re-living Solomon’s ascension to the throne, and his conversation with God where he is granted wisdom.  He then gets to work building the temple.  Here is a picture of what the inside of the temple looked like:

Romans 6: 1-23

In chapter 5 Paul told us about this new relationship we have with God because of Jesus.  We learned that through one man, Adam, we inherited sin.  But we also learned that through One Man, Jesus, we gained a privileged relationship with God, and eternal life.  In chapter 6 Paul teaches us about how this “sin” in our nature does not just go away because of our faith in Jesus.  We are a slave to whatever we offer our bodies to.  If you offer your body to sin, you are a slave to sin.  If you offer your body to God, you are slave to righteous living.  We have the power to choose to offer ourselves to God because of Jesus.  His power in us allows us to not be controlled by sin.  I totally understand Paul when he says that when I was a slave to sin, I was just led deeper and deeper into sin.  I am ashamed of the things I did when I was living as a slave to sin.  But I don’t have to stay there because now, well now I am free of the power sin use to have over me.  If you believe in Jesus, you are free of that shame and the power of sin too!  Sin leads to death.  You don’t want to be a slave to sin.  Righteous living leads to life.  Check your heart there….Righteous living does not mean perfect living.  Remember we don’t follow the Law, we follow Jesus.  Righteous living is the kind of life where you offer yourself, all of you, to God and stop being a slave to sin. 

Psalm 16: 1-11

Proverbs 19: 20-21


1 Chronicles 28: 1—29: 30

Interesting tid-bit today.  God promised the Israelites that the “Scepter would not leave Judah.”  This means that the Savior and Everlasting King, A.K.A Jesus would come from the line of Judah.  God promised David that He would preserve his line because of David’s faithfulness.  By the time we get to the New Testament all that is left of the formally great nation is the tribe of Judah.  God proved that He was faithful to His word to Judah.  This is actually where the Romans get the name “Jew’s,” and Judaism.  The Romans of the NT testament did not understand all the history and that this nation of Jews was once the nation of Israel, but they lost their Land because they worshipped idols. 

I am being so honest when I say most of my actions are wrapped in the same prayer David says at the end of this section.  “You know I have done all this with good motives…..”  I am stepping out in faith next week and going to this writing conference.  During all the prep and writing leading up to this I have whispered to God, “You know I have done all this with good motives,” because I know myself friends.  I know that this could all be used to refine me and show me that I am seeking my own glory and not His.  Or to show me that I have made an idol out of writing.  But from where I sit right this moment, to the best of my knowing my motives are good.  And that is the best any of us can do.  Praise God that He covers and deals with the rest. 

Romans 5: 6-21

In chapter 5 of Romans, Paul teaches us about this new relationship we have with God.  Guys!  Jesus came to save us while we were still sinners.  God did not say to us, “Clean your ish up and then I will send my son.”  God knew that because of our sin nature passed down to us from Adam, cleaning our ish up is not possible for us.  The best any of us can do on our own is dress up the outside, while the inside remains a tomb.  Adam’s sin brought us death and the Law showed us how much sin ruled over us.  But with Jesus’ death we have been made right with God and with His life we have eternal life.  That is a pretty great new relationship, am I right?

Psalms 15: 1-5

Proverbs 19: 18-19